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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Fringeville #191: Do what ya gotta do… that I have your undivided attention...

* * *

I will not dismiss you or berate you because of who you vote for.

Neither will I do so because of who you vote against.

I do not do these things because you showed up. You voted. You made your voice heard.

If you do not vote, I will only be saddened. You have disenfranchised yourself.

I have a very diverse group of friends. Probably half of them don't agree politically with the other half. Yet I seem to get along with everyone, even when we differ on opinion.

I think it is because of the first two lines I wrote.

My only other thoughts today on politics:  I am writing in John Lombardo for State Representative in PA 118. And I wish Sue Henry the best in the 121st. I can't vote for her, but she will make an excellent state representative.

Every other vote is between me, the touchscreen, and God.

Go to that booth today and make a difference.

* * *
...Be good to each other.

* * *

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