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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fringeville #125, October 23 2014

Have a beer and some wings. Save some for me.

I am deep in the heart of election season. While I am not running, I am still very much in the thick of things and as I usually do around this time I've taken a mini-hiatus while I work with committees and candidates.

I will pop off a few quick notes:

1)  My last post was about Ebola way back on September 30 before the whole nation went bat-shit crazy over the disease. I have read some of the most bizarre things on social media about the disease. Full panic mode with some folks. It reminds me of the people who called the police because a mysterious white powder was on the hood or roof of their cars during the anthrax mania. It was, of course, bird poop. Or maybe the aforementioned bat-shit.

Ebola has, of course, become a big political football. Early on I asked if Ebola might be the current President's Katrina. I criticized the response, particularly not blocking access to travelers to the U.S. from West Africa. Local radio host Sue Henry has said repeatedly that Ebola shouldn't be politicized. I mostly agree with her. But unfortunately the only way that you can get the current guy in the White House to do anything seems to be by applying enormous political pressure. Which often doesn't work anyway. He golfs to a different putter.

But when I start reading bizarre theories that this or that Party or President did this on purpose, or that some off the wall "cure" exists using common household cleaning items, well enough is enough.

So no more Ebola posts from me. As I said earlier, some folks have gone bat-shit crazy and at that point I exit, stage right.

2) Once this election season is over, I am making some very big life decisions. It has been an extraordinarily challenging and difficult year. I am ending it in far worse shape than I started it on just about every level. (Yes, my health is holding. But the old me is way back there in the rear-view in a heap in the ditch).  I will probably be stepping away from a lot of things. I will probably be working a whole lot more because I need the moolah.

So that is it for now. Consider this one of my occasional "I'm still alive, gang" posts. 

Look for a return to Fringeville in early November, after the dust at the polls settles.

* * *