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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fringeville #174: More Rambling Tidbits

More blabbering about nuttin...

The lazyass dog behaves differently around me than he does the womenfolk of the house.

When I come in from anywhere (work, the mailbox, a grocery run) he does the following: runs to me, sniffs my breath when I bend over to greet him, then paces by the door. Here is the translation from dog to English:

“You’re home. Let me see if you’ve been eating something and holding out on me (*sniff, sniff, sniff*). Glad you’re here. Now take me out to pee and poop.”

He might have eaten thirty seconds before I got home, or watered the landscape and left a monument for the flies, but that’s how I’m greeted whenever I walk through the door.

In the morning, when the womenfolk feed him, he just gobbles it down.

If I feed him breakfast, he won’t eat unless I stand by the oven and drink my coffee while he loads the poop engine for when I get home.

I guess this is dog love. I guess. Or he’s just screwing with me. Yeah, that’s it. It’s a Pavlov thing in reverse and he never tires of it.

* * *
About this time a year ago I gave my notice at Lackawanna County, where I rode off into the sunset on my own volition as the best intentioned but most inept assistant ever to serve a County Commissioner.

Why did I leave? Because, for one thing, it’s at least as important to know what you don’t do well as what you do very well. Financially, a stupid thing to do. Yet overall the soundest decision I’ve made in a long, long, time. Zero regrets.

* * *
I am ending the year with no political party attached to my name. Zero regrets over that, too.

* * *
Winter is here. I have stories to write. I've a bottle of toasted caramel whiskey as my muse, and I know how to use it. In moderation, of course, because I need to be able to find the keyboard.

Whiskey may clash ever so slightly with my boob-making-anti-cancer med, but frankly, Dr. Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

* * *
There are still things broken in my life I cannot fix. Somehow this weekend, I will find the will and joy within me to ring in Christmas. Because I’ve done zip, zero, nada so far

* * *
Be good to each other. 

* * *

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