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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fringeville Edition #28, August 23 2011

It's eight days until Glimmer Train announces the winners of their June 2011 fiction open. I've got two stories in this one, and they're both still alive. Once stories are reviewed and passed over (a nice way of saying rejected), they are flagged as "complete." But these are both still flagged "In Process."  I don't know if that means they haven't been read yet, or if they've been read a couple times and keep making the cut.

Glimmer Train is a first-rate publication. The stories are superb. I've had a couple pieces finish as finalists in their competitions (in the top 5% or better). Considering the sheer volume of contest entrants they get each year (40,000, according to their website) I think I am entitled to a legitimate case of nerves. One of the stories still alive is a re-write of one that finished very, very well once before but didn't quiet get over the hump. That just adds to that little case of nerves.

Yup, I'm living on the edge of my seat.

If either one of these makes the top 25 or better, you'll hear shouts of joy coming from Plains. And if they don't... well, I've got two novels to finish!

* * *