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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fringeville Edition #26, August 17 2011

My head is in the clouds. Data clouds, that is.

I’m working with my son on redesigning my campaign webpage, and he hooked me up with a neat tool called Dropbox.

Dropbox lets you access or share your files wherever you are. Your data is in “the cloud” and you simply plop it into a folder on your PC. If you use multiple computers, you just add Dropbox to each and your files are shared and synchronized. Sure beats e-mailing files back and forth.

I know "the cloud" thing sounds spooky and mysterious... but think of it the way you think of your household's water supply: Do you really care how it got from wherever it was as long as it comes blasting out of your shower nozzle? All you really care about is getting wet. And praying no one flushes a toilet and gets you scalded.

I love cool software.

* * *

I’m Kindled.

I’ve published my first E-book at Amazon. It’s a single short story, and I’m selling it for a buck.

The E-book is called “July 27” and it’s one of my early (and well-received) short stories. It was accepted by Byline magazine, but that magazine went belly-up before my story was published.

I will, of course, shamelessly plug July 27 here. Again, it’s a buck. Have a million or so of your friends download a copy into their Kindles and keep me in chicken wings for the rest of my life.

* * *