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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fringeville Edition #21, August 11 2011

Vacation, Day One:
11:15PM and down for the count
The driving started in the wee hours. 475 miles later, we arrived. The wise ones (wife and daughter) took a nap. I drove to Mexico, Maine. So when everyone else in the family was in my sister's room having fun, I was in my obligatory post-drive coma.

* * *

Ciavarella got 28 years. Another judge down, one more to go. These guys left nothing but damage in their wake. But you know these boys will be heavily in demand in prison. They'll be the ultimate jailhouse lawyers.

* * *

They don't believe in street lights in this part of Maine. When you're driving a dark road on a cloudy night, it's plain spooky. I think I understand why Stephen King gets so much inspiration from Maine. Driving home in the dark from Mexico, I half-expected Tim Curry in a clown suit to wave at me from behind one of the creepy, twisted pine trees bordering the road.

...I've got a balloon for you, fat wait, a chicken wing...

* * *