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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fringeville Edition #20, August 09 2011

This young lady was NEVER the cause of all my gray hair

It’s my daughter Courtney’s 21st birthday. I have officially raised my quota of adults. I suppose I have to grow up myself now …then again, no I’ll get around to that later.

We will be going across the street to Dan’s Keystone Grille tonight for dinner and to celebrate.

Twenty-one years… zip, just like that, they’re in the rearview. Happy birthday, Popki…

* * *

Yesterday I knew the market would get pummeled. Sure enough, by the time I got home from work another big chunk of my retirement savings vanished into the cosmos.

I think it’s because I’m leaving tomorrow for my second vacation in five years. Every time I take a vacation I take a separate massive financial hit. It’s like my not working throws the Universe out of whack.

* * *

JoePa got tackled again.

This time around, Devon Smith plowed Joe over. Apparently Joe is fine, just a little sore. He’s still probably faster than half his team. (If you think I’m kidding, watch him chasing down officials later this year).