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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fringeville Edition #19, August 07 2011


That’s the milestone the LuLac Political Letter hit on August 02: 1700 editions of the LuLac blog. I’m at a whopping nineteen. Quite a high-water mark you’re setting there, Yonk!

* * *

Speaking of bloggers... GORT42 is back, and was kind enough to link this blog at his site. It's great to see he's returned in full form. Keep at it, my friend!

* * *
I’ve survived the annual church festival last weekend without whaling out. In fact, I continued to lose tonnage. This week I weighed in at 203.8

* * *

Finally, Saturday was the 6th District Summer Shindig. We had a good turnout, and a number of GOP candidates were there: Stefanie Salavantis (Running for District Attorney), Harry Haas, Stephen J. Urban, Rick Morelli, Kathy Dobash, Blythe Evans and Bill James (Luzerne County Council Candidates), Virgil Argenta (WB City Council District E), Kathy Grinaway (WB Area School Board) and yours truly (Plains Township Commissioner). Cross-filed Judicial candidate Lesa Gelb was also on hand, and we had a nice chat shortly before she left.

It was fun, there was a ton of food, and we’ll see next week whether that 203.8 nudges up after all I ate today.

(And special thanks to Harry Haas, who braved yet another monsoon grilling food for the event.)