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Monday, December 20, 2021

Coming Soon on Kindle Vella: The Amazing Colossal Thingalopoulus (A Walnutwood Tale)

Release Date: Christmas Eve, 2021


Christmas Eve I release my first Kindle Vella story: The Amazing Colossal Thingalopoulus. This is one of my Walnutwood Tales. (Walnutwood is a fictional town in Pennsylvania I've used as a setting for several short stories and a novel in progress.)
At least six episodes will be available Christmas Eve, with new episodes weekly. We begin in a very special hospital in Walnutwood. Our destination: the heart of Africa! We'll have many adventures along the way. Plus pirates. (There must be pirates! I think that's an unwritten rule for adventures.)
So what exactly is Vella?
It's an exciting new way to create and publish stories episode by episode. I think the medium has potential and has a lot of room to grow.
How does it work?
You "unlock" Vella story episodes with tokens. A story's first 3 episodes are FREE and FREE tokens are available via this link to get you started:
My gift to you this Christmas is the first 3 episodes (and don't forget, you can read more with the FREE tokens available at the Kindle Vella site). I hope you enjoy it.
Where's the link to the story?
It won't be available until it's published on Christmas Eve. (I couldn't risk you forgetting to get Aunt Clara's present because you got wrapped up reading the doggone story.)
As soon as the story is live, I'll give a shout. Stand by!

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