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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fringeville #147* - Random Stuff and Looking Ahead

* Yesterday's post was unnumbered, if you're keeping track. Which would also mean you have far too much time on your hands.

It takes so little to piss me off these days. It's astounding. I am in a complete uproar this morning because I dropped the keys to the back door and can't find them. Then, to add to it, my coffee went cold while I was looking for them. Folks, when my coffee time suffers, everyone suffers.

* * *

Still working on a master plan to replace the 55% of my income which went over the side (by my own volition) at the end of last year. I plan to write Hooters and Perdue Farms to propose testing chicken wings for $100k a year. I didn’t lose anywhere near that kind of money, but if I am going to eat wings full time, I have to save for my angioplasty.

* * *

I'm going to add another page to this blog site centered on prostate cancer. My experiences with prostate cancer need a separate space. I'd like to say the page isn't necessary. I really would. I've just got this nagging feeling the Universe is about to punch me right in the face, and I'd rather have the space ready.

I've talked with a number of men who have this disease. Each of our cancers is different. There are common experiences, to be sure, but each journey is our own. We all have some things to share or things we have questions about. A separate page is warranted. Everyone will be welcome, but the focus on that page will be prostate CA and resources for those with questions.

* * *

I may add another page as well, and I have a number of ideas floating around. One in particular is a page for the videos I do. I was doing Facebook Live when they first made the feature available. Now everyone is doing it, and 95% of the damned videos are garbage or political shouting.

I won't go anywhere near it now.

In fact, I keep my Facebook interactions to a minimum because it seems far too many folks have completely lost their mind. Facebook is often just an echo chamber of hate. If you doubt we are a divided nation, just spend an hour reading Facebook posts. I have friends I care deeply about, and with whom I am on the opposite side of the political divide, and I don't want to lose them over politics. Some would say I should "weed them out" of my Facebook universe, which suggests that those with different views are folks I can afford to let go. I disagree. I think if we don't start finding things we can agree on, things that unite us, then we're in for a long, nasty and very uncertain ride.

If I add a video space, I will use it to make people laugh, or think ...but I won't beat them over the head with politics. If a Leftie, Rightie and Indie each watch something I do and all say, "...Jeezum, what a goof. Play the next one!" then my work is moving in the right direction.

Most of the videos I have done were on Instagram. This past summer I started with iMovie. I want to do more videos, but I want to put them in one place instead of scattering them among the billions of social media threads.

* * *

Lastly, I have to figure out what I am doing with fiction. I am frankly afraid to write at this time. I worry that what I write will be far too dark, or too painful, or too close to home.

Perhaps that is precisely why I need to do it. We'll see.

* * *