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Monday, September 8, 2014

Fringeville #119, September 08 2014

Saturday: a really, really, REALLY, bad day for the B1G

Crash. Burn.

Buckeyes: Bombed.
Wolverines: Whipped
Spartans: Speared.
Boilermakers: Boiled alive.

And the rest of the B1G: Many of the wins were not pretty, and some could have/should have been losses. I mean... Nebraska nearly losing to McNeese State? I remember when they'd hang 50 on a team like that before halftime.

Hey, but Penn State beat Akron so I had a good weekend. Rutgers won, too. So come Saturday, an undefeated B1G team will win.

Put the wings on!

* * *

Suddenly, that upcoming Rutgers game takes on all kinds of significance.  With the Big Ten already written off by some folks, the NCAA (in their own inimitable style) just turned everything on its head: they immediately revoked Penn State's bowl ban and restored its football scholarships.

Penn State could conceivably win the Big Ten crown. Realistically, that would be a stretch as they are still very, very thin due to the scholarship reductions placed on them.

But with much of the conference having apparently degenerated to turtle-poop, this season instantly became a helluva lot more interesting.

I gotta go dig out my buffalo dip recipe. I might have me a bowl game to watch this year!

* * *