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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fringeville #117, September 01 2014 vast pile of Blogger Moolah is growing...

Happy Labor Day.

Today, I plan to labor. First, I am taking a moment to reflect upon the fruits of my Internet enterprises.

The month of August I got the most traffic here at Fringeville since August of 2010. This drove a huge, huge spike in my Google ad revenue.

I earned eight cents in August.

This puts my balance at $4.59. I am closing in on a wing order here, folks.

On a more serious note, now that I have clear sailing on the health front, I can look at picking up some additional work. I have a day job, and it's a great one. I do some side work once a month, and that's a help. But in today's economy, if you're not working 2-3 jobs you're basically a slacker. What's the point of celebrating Labor Day if you're not on the edge of complete and total physical exhaustion?

Not knowing if I faced additional treatment for my prostate cancer held me back from looking for additional work. Now the shackles are off, so to speak.

...Maybe a third shift cooking chicken wings somewhere. No ..wait ...I'd eat the merchandise.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day, all. Then quit slacking and get the hell back to work.

* * *