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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fringeville Edition #17, July 30 2011

Day one of the St. Maria Goretti Festival is in the books.

I get to say "in the books" because I’m the “finance chair”.

It’s a dubious title.

I don't do whatever the heck it is a "chair" does. I merely stay out of the way of folks who have been counting the money for decades. I just use a little technology to make the whole shebang a wee bit easier to do.

How long have I been doing this?

I saw the former chair at the festival last night and we mused over that question. Neither one of is sure. Our best guess is fourteen to sixteen years. That’s a lot of cash counted and probably untold tens or hundreds of thousands of coins rolled (thank you, Lord, for making “Nickel Pitch” go away).

The company I’ve kept over that time has been extraordinary. This is the best bunch of people I’ve ever subjected myself to. It’s hard work, and we sometimes spend an hour trying to figure out why we’re off forty-nine cents, but in the end on Sunday nights each year another Festival “in the books.”

It does get a little harder every to walk up to the rectory each summer, though. There is apparently an anomaly with the Earth’s gravitational field in Laflin, causing me to feel six times heavier walking up the hill to the rectory.

Bad gravity. Bad, bad, bad!

…and speaking of heavier, here was the waistline damage from Day One: A massive cheese steak with everything. A piece of pizza. Half a piece of fried dough. Two sodas and a bottle of Landshark.

But at least I started the day with a salad.

We'll see if all the walking negates the potential weight gain. Let's not talk about the cholesterol.