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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fringeville #150: Five and a Half Years Meandering the Blogosphere

I’ve written 150 posts since June of 2011.  Reaction to this immense body of work has come swiftly from across the globe:

Kaci Kullmann Five, 2016 Chair of the Nobel Prize Committee: “…James who? From the Fringe? Where is this Fringe? He sounds like a nincompoop.”

Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots: “…O’Meara? The Golfer? I played 18 holes against him. Kicked his ass. I let the air outta his balls, I tell ya. What’s that? It’s not Mark O’Meara? It’s James? James O’Meara? Sounds like a f****** nincompoop.”

Donald Trump, United States President: “…Five and half years for 150 itty-bitty posts? Fire his ass.  I can write 150 posts by Thursday. And they’d be the best blog posts ever, let me tell you. Guy's probably a nincompoop.”

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II: “…James O’Meara. Yes, I remember him well. Yes, I’m blushing.

"James and I were great friends. We met in London during the war. I was driving a truck for WATS, and he was thumbing a ride to the pub. He was on leave. We had quite the evening, and he was quite the man. He was an ace, you know. 11 kills. He was flying out of Hornchurch. He’d just shot down his first Bf 109 when we met. A dashing fellow. I loved his mustache. When we parted, I told him to shoot down another Hun for me. ‘I’ll shoot down ten, your Majesty’ he told me, and he was true to his word. Did I mention his mustache? What’s that? O’Meara from Pennsylvania? Heavens. He hasn’t shot down anything. He’s a nincompoop.”

Steven Hawking, Theoretical Physicist: “…I love everything he’s written. He’s a visionary. Deep Sky Companions: The Messier Objects is a favorite bedtime read. I’m fond of the Caldwell Objects installment as well. Say what? It’s James O’Meara from Plains, not Stephen James O’Meara the astronomer? Well, yes I’ve read his stuff too. He’s the biggest nincompoop in the Universe.”

Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader, North Korea: “…O’Meara? Yes, we know him well. He is a rabid mad dog enemy of the DPRK. He writes lies about our glorious nation. At his next insane provocation, it will be all-out war with his Fringe and his mad band of bloggers. Death to nincompoops!”

Generalissimo Francisco Franco:

Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY: “…That nincompoop is still writing? It’s enough to make me cry.”

The Pope: “…He used to go bowling and have a few beers with my predecessor from time to time. We’re going for wings the next time I’m in America. Two dozen Cajun Bleu and two Yuenglings. Jimbo's a nice guy. Bit of a nincompoop, but harmless.”

Jimbo: Forget the Blogging. Eat more wings!(Not Coby Brooks)

Coby G. Brooks, CEO, Hooters: “…Blogging? He’s still eating wings, though, right? If he quit eating to write, I may have to lay some staff off. Damned nincompoop.”

* * *