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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fringeville Edition #67, March 14 2012

Witch makes me wonder...

Why do I write fiction? Because the real world is just too bizarre these days.

Let's start with the Nepal. In February, a woman from a village in Nepal was murdered by a mob in front of her nine year-old daughter. They thought the woman was a witch, so they beat her and burned her alive.

Incidents like these remind us that we haven't moved very far from the caves. We can build nuclear weapons. We can explore space. We can investigate the fundamental nature of the Universe as we search for the elusive "God particle."

But on any given day, we're burning witches. Or beheading in the name of religion. Or forcing children to run until they die.

When I write my "serious" fiction, I write about damaged people. Hopefully, by the end of a story, they've begun to heal. In the end, I like to think that no matter how somber the story there's a justification for my readers to continue hoping. They certainly won't get that inspiration reading most headlines these days, where the very worst in human character is on display.

* * *

...I can hold off those crazy Canucks with this.

Speaking of bizarre, how's this?  Dick Cheney is afraid to go to Canada. Keep in mind, Mr. Cheney visited Iraq in 2008. But he won't visit Canada these days due to "security concerns." Possible mortar attacks in Iraq? No problem. Suicide attack in the Green Zone? Bring it on. 

Just keep him the hell out of Canada, they might pelt him with that yummy round bacon.

* * *