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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fringeville Edition #45, December 08 2011

December 08, 1980.
The Dream Was Over...

Some of my favorite Lennon music...

Stand by Me
From his 1975 "Rock and Roll" Album

Just Gimme Some Truth
From the 1971 "Imagine" Album

Watching the Wheels
From "Double Fantasy"

Free As A Bird
There is, of course a treasure trove of Beatles tunes to pick from. I chose this one because it still feels unfinished, and is yet quite a powerful tune. Yes, it "sounds" like a Beatles song, not something they slapped together in the studio. 

Have I picked his best stuff? Probably not. But these are the songs that came to mind when I realized what day it was; that it's been 31 years since I arrived home one evening to hear  Howard Cosell break the news to a stunned nation.

* * *