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Monday, August 25, 2014

Fringeville #113, August 25 2014

State Senator Lisa Baker and Luzerne County Chair Bill Urbanski


It's a shame most people, including many who should know better, pass on events like Sunday's Luzerne County GOP picnic. They miss a helluva good time.

But they also miss a chance to get up close with candidates like Doc Moylan, office holders like Lisa Baker, and folks like Pennsylvania's Revenue Secretary, Dan Meuser (below, chatting up some happy picknickers)

Yes, you can expect to hear some "rally the troops to victory." But you never have a better opportunity to meet these folks and talk to them one-on-one.

This year's picnic was at Urbanski Farms in Rice Township. The attendance was good. The weather was outstanding. The food was great. (Disclaimer: I was the grill-meister. But it's one of the few things I'm half decent at if you keep it simple.)

...I was in my element...

And you never know what you will learn at an event on a working farm. I joined Senator Baker and Ron Ferrance for a tour of the shed where maple syrup is made. I learned red maples have 2% sugar in their sap, and that a 55 gallon barrel of sap will net about a gallon of maple syrup. I also learned that no one looks better in yellow than Senator Baker. Don't even try it, Yudichak.


* * *

UPDATE:  Some may be concerned about what seems like harsh words for Senator Yudichak. Not so. My fashion-wear warning was for his own good. I've met the Senator. He's affable. A sharp dresser. Senator, again, don't even think about doing it ...this is what happens when you put a guy in a yellow suit: