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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fringeville Edition #35, September 29 2011

It’s been 18 days since my last post. I haven’t been lounging around munching on wings and sipping bourbon. I’ve been a mite busy. Let’s catch up…

First, I’m at 196.0 pounds (for anyone thinking I stopped posting because I was ballooning like Oprah fresh off a diet and binging on ding-dongs).

Next, I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes political stuff. I’m the treasurer for three committees, and two of them had fundraisers over the past couple weeks. I also had to get my own campaign website up. My campaign is very low-key this year, but it will be heating up between now and Election Day.

There were also writing projects I was behind on, and I had to catch up. I take my writing very seriously. It needs to be an income stream SOON.

So with all that (and squeezing in the day job) there really hasn’t been much time to post.

* * *

I’d promised to write about what I was doing during the flood. Essentially, I worked a lot of hours under difficult circumstances. Ala Gump, "...that’s all I’ve got to say about that." When I read about those who were savaged by the flooding and view pictures or footage of devastation, my lost hours in a warehouse full of beans doesn’t amount to …well, a hill of beans. I got a little tired. Big deal. There were people who lost everything and are still trying to deal with aftermath. And still, the rain keeps falling. Mother Nature seems to have it in for us this year…

* * *

I did get to Blogfest. It was another great night. I spent a lot of time talking to Harold J. and Michelle D. as well as quick chats with tons of other bloggers, including Da Yonk and Gort. I hope they keep this going forever…

* * *

Heartfelt condolences go to my brother Bill and brother-in-law Jack on the demise of the Red Sox. Boston apparently choked to death and is out of the playoff picture. My wife, the Yankee fan, couldn’t be happier. Me? I could care less. I’m a die-hard Penn State fan. Joe will probably be coaching “another three or four years” when they pack me up and send me off to the old writer’s home.

* * *

They love me in France. Looking at my audience stats, my number one overseas readers are the French. Latvians are a close 2nd (helped by a bizarre one-day spike where they came out of nowhere and briefly passed the French on the hit-o-meter).  I'm waiting for a truly exotic location to show up, like Moldavia, Madagascar or East Orange, New Jersey.

* * *